Nancys review of Choosing You

Choosing You

M. Robinson



A single glance.
A fleeting moment.
A solitary touch could make everything worth it.

This was my breaking point.
This was where I lost myself completely.
I did the only thing that made sense.
The only thing I had left to give.
I begged her…

To take me with her.

My take on this book:

This book hits you with all the feels. We know that M. is rhe queen of angst but she took it up even more with this duet. She broke my heart and slowly put it back together. You will love Cami and Adien even when you want to smack them. Jackson will make you laugh out loud so make sure most people aren’t around. Then they throw in a twist I never seen coming. You will devour this book. Even with having to adult I finished it in a day. And that was with all the emotions I couldn’t stop. Highly recommend.

Until the next book ~ Nancy

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