I am Leigh Reagan, a stay at home mom who is also an aspiring writer and an avid reader.  I live with my four crazy kids and husband in the wonderful area of Eastern North Carolina.

First and foremost, I am a mother. This is the job I have always wanted since I was young and found myself often babysitting during harvest time while living in Eastern Washington.

Apart from always wanting a family to call my own, I have also had a passion for writing.  I started writing at an early age, but had to put everything related to writing on hold when life started getting too real.  However, my dream of writing was never fully gone.

Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with stage three cancer and our life became unhinged rather quickly.  After his treatments began, I started writing again as a way to cope and work through the changes we were all facing. I now carry my laptop with me everywhere and it has become an honorary member of our family.

Reading is also a great pleasure of mine. I always have a book of some form near me.  You just never know when you will have the chance to read a few pages and become absorbed into a story.

Through this page, I will keep you up to date on all of my book reviews and I hope this will serve as a good resource for anyone who likes the same books I do.  I almost always pick my books from other’s recommendations; so let me know what you are reading as well!

I plan to share a story I have finished featured in small doses.  Stay tuned for the announcement of when it will be on here for all to enjoy.

This blog encompasses all of my favorites things and my passions: parenting, writing and reading.  I invite you to follow along as I write about what makes me the person I am.