Leigh’s review on End of Day

End of Day (Jack and Jill Book 1)

end of day

Jewel E. Ann

I’ve never been in awe over a female character as I am over Jessica Day/Jillian Knight. This book made me reaffirm that Jewel E. Ann is one heck of an author, as this book flows well with the life of Jillian in present day and Jessica in present day.

This book is part mystery/ part romance and part of the wonderful story telling that is Jewel E. Ann. Jessica/Jillian and Jude/Jackson have a secret. It’s a big secret that builds from the second you start reading the first sentence. It only continues to hook the reader as I sat on my couch hoping the world would just allow me continue reading so I could soak in the story. As you read from present day to their past, the flow is so easy and as the reader; you will not skip a beat.

There are so many reasons I loved this book; Jessica and her lace wearing panties to the mailbox in her red rainboots is only one. I love the free spiritedness of Jessica/Jillian and how she could really give a rat’s drunken rear of how she’s judged.

I am not sure how else to describe this book and being able to give it a just review without too many spoilers. The twists and turns will make you devour the next page and the next page until you are done—running to download the next book to your kindle.
There is a lot going on in this story; as it gives way to the next one with her brother Jude/Jackson. As always, Jewel E. Ann makes this story a must read for everyone!



Leigh’s Review of Breathe

Breathe (The Program book 2)


By NM Catalano

Wow, wow, wow! I freaking love this story and all the raw power that it’s written with. First, I love a good story that shows love is love in any way. This story hits so many boxes for me. First, there are some hot mercenaries. That in of itself should make it a must read for me.

Each book of this series follows a certain man.

Book One is Rock

Book Two is Snake

Books Three is Gringo

Book for is Bull (not out yet)

Though this book is primarily Snake and Raven, there’s so much more. In book one, Canvas, you see the love of Summer and Rock form. In 1.5 (a novella) called Trifecta, you see the love of Rock, Snake and Summer. (Yes, women—this is MMF at it’s finest and NM Catalano brings you to your knees with these manly creatures.)

This book still follows the story of Rock and Summer but after Snake meets Raven; the four of them jive very well together (if you know what I mean). The story continues and you still see some of Summer and Rocks story as you are also given way to Gringo and Sasha’s story. The story intertwines and each person builds to the next—creating an explosively sexy masterpiece.

Yes, as I mentioned, there is MMF action going on and I was all over that too! The pièce de résistance was the MMFF that was associated with the book and made it a story I never wanted to end. The writing is wonderful and like everything by NM Catalano, it will not be the last book I read by her!




This gives you background going into Breathe. I would say you should read this between Canvas and Breathe and quite honestly, it is hot story you won’t regret!

Unconventional and Unforgivable by Isabel Love

Congratulations to Bella Love on her new release. In celebration, I (Leigh) am posting my review of Unconventional (one of my favorite books of all times) and Nancys’ review on Unforgivable. Y’all these books are so good!


By Isabel Love

What do you do when you relationship doesn’t mimic conventional means. Does it mean you do not love as deep as others. No, never.

This is a beautiful story of two people hurt beyond recongnition but when they both let one another in; they can live again. Charlie deals with a loss that was never his to choose and Quinn from a deep loss she was never able to say good-bye to. They are both broken souls but with one another become whole again.

This book is off the chart hot and the sex scenes are those of legends. In the end; this book looks deeply at releationships and what the world deems as right and wrong. It doesn’t bother them that they are unconventional. They embrace it and we love them because of it. I love Isabel’s writing style! Can’t wait until more! This is a five star off the charts must read!


By: Isabel Love

Wesley is the boy that every bully picks on. He is a foster child who has never had good foster parents. He doesn’t own much. So he is a target.

Anna is the town sweetheart. She is so kind and loving. She has her brother John that will back her up.

One day she sees Wesley getting bullied. He tries to fight his way put but three on one is tough odds for anyone. She tries to step in but gets John to help her. From that point on Wesley becomes Johns best friend and part of Anna and Johns family.
Anna develops a crush on Wesley but isn’t sure if he feels the same.
Fast forward 16 years and here we are now with Wesley getting out of prison and Anna living with a secret that has her severely depressed. She puts on a mask of happiness for everyone but Wesley. Can he pull her put of it? Will they ever tell each other the secrets that they keep?

My take on this book:

This book will hit you right in the feels. Even if you have never experienced the situations Isabel has the writing ability to make you feel just what Wesley and Anna are. From the heartbreak to the happiness to surprise. This was my first book by Isabel Love but will not be my last. Do not miss this book. You will regret it.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

Leigh’s review on Watch me Follow.

Watch Me Follow



by Harloe Rae

This story is everything and more! From the beginning, you want to know more about Ryker. He is genuine but mysterious and wow is that a sexy combination. His one focus in life is caring for Lennon who he follows at a safe distance.

As the years stretch on, he becomes a little more relaxed and allows Lennon to know he is around. She remembers him from High School. Actually she has never forgotten him from High School. He intervened when she was in danger and she never let the image of her protector stray far from her heart. Throughout the years, he has been her hidden knight in shining armour. When he finally allows her to see the man who has always been a constant for her; she is able to honest with him too.

There is something about Harloe’s writing that allows for us to cheer on Ryker and want him to stalk us too! The level of writing in this book is excellent—bringing the characters to life in such a real way. I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Rae! She has a new fan in me!



Review by Nancy—Without You

Review by Nancy George
Without You (Survivor Series Book 2)
By: Emilia Finn


Scotch knew the minute that Samantha walked into Science class that she was the girl he would marry. So he starts trying to get her to know it. For three long years she keeps turning him down.

Samantha wants nothing more than to leave the little town to peruse her dreams not those of her parents. She keeps telling Scotch no so that no hearts are broken. But he finally wears her down.

They have a great year. They get married. But then everything gets screwed up.
13 years later Samantha is back and needs Scotch to help her. Can they work through the past?

My take on this book:
I have finally found out how Scotch got his nickname. This book was wonderful even though I felt it in my heart. The miscommunication between Scotch and Sammy makes you want to jump through the book and smack them both for not defending themselves and making the other see the truth. I loved that we heard from characters from the Rollin Series also.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

Review by Nancy—For the Love of Luca

For the Love of Luca

love of luca
By: Soraya Naomi

The Chicago Syndicate is back in book 8. All can be read as standalone books but best if read on order. This from someone who stsrted with a later book but then had to go back.
Luca and Fallon have twins and life is good. But someone is causing havoc with Fallon. But she can’t prove it and only looks crazy. And she starts to think she might be because shouldn’t her husband believe her over anyone? She doesn’t know who she can trust and Luca is trying to make sure that she doesn’t look like a threat to the Syndicate because we know what will happen of she is.

My take on this book:
I have loved this series since I started it. And Soraya still keeps it interesting. She knows how to draw out the feels in each and every book. I will say I don’t know if I have gotten as angry with alot of books as I did this one. I loved Fallon but then she did something that just made me not like her but I still felt for her. Don’t miss these books.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

Leigh’s Reviews of Lessons in Corruption and Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling

Lessons in Corruption

Lessons in corrupation cover

By Giana Darling

King’s story is that of Royalty; atlease MC royalty. He is a King; the next leader to the the local MC in his town of Entrance, British Columbia. But King is so much more than the next generation for the MC. His mind is beautiful; as beautiful as his face and his father; the president of the MC; knows his son can be more to the MC and enrolls him into a prestigious private school. (Enroll might not be the correct word—as you will find out later) but the point is—everyone at the school is up in arms and surprised when this notorious outlaw’s son becomes a member at this almost snooty school.
This story gives way to love at first sight and it’s so believable within the words of Ms. Darling. King has been witness to a beauty and connection so deep; it stops him in his tracks. Months later; after starting the private school; he is stopped again to find out this woman is now one of his teachers. He skips her class for several days until the man in him is able to fuse a connection with her and she (Cressida Irons) is devastated to learn that it’s the boy who’s been skipping her class.
This is a story that is hard to review because the main parts are so intertwined that I don’t want to give away the plot of this beauty. Again, Ms. Darling knocks this book out of the part; showing that love is messy but in the end; love is worth pursuing.




Welcome to the Dark Side

wttds cover

By Giana Darling

This is not my first Giana Darling book so going into this story I new I was going to get all kinds of wonderful but Holy Moley—I never thought the emotions and feels would eat at me like this story does. Giana knocks it out of the park with this one!

Louise is a girl whose life has never been easy. For just 17 years old; it’s been hell. But there is one bright spot in her life—her Guardian Monster who saved her when she was seven. For nine years; the two of them exchange letters like they are pen pals but it’s so much more. Even her Guardian monster, Zeus, who is now the Prez of the notorious MC club; knows this. He tries to shut it down because even he has a moral compass. He knows it’s wrong to fall for a girl 19 years younger than him.

But the heart wants what the heart wants and it’s never that simple for the both of them. What occurs later is beautiful and wonderful with a side of dirty and naughty and everything you’d expect from a MC read. My review can’t do this beauty of a book justice because Ms. Darling’s words transcends the pages into one of my favorite reads of 2018. Do yourself a favor; get this book. You can thank me later as you find yourself falling for Zeus and Lou as I’m positive you will!


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